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Fostering Contact Online using the

Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy™ (DSP)

Principle of Kinesthetic Resonance


with Jennifer Bury



Introductory 1-hour Webinar 

Friday, October 29th, 6-7 pm ET (Slovenia) / 9-10 am PT USA


The introductory webinar is intended for anyone interested in the concepts of Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy ™ (DSP) – movement as a form of contact, kinesthetic resonance, gestalt phenomenology from a kinesthetic and kinetic point of view, the importance of kinesthesia for contact, self and belonging, etc. In the final part of the webinar, Jennifer will answer questions from participants. Jennifer will also present the structure and content of the 3-day workshop, which will take place on the first weekend in November and will provide an in-depth experience.

Participation is free of charge.

Webinar will be held in English with no translation.


ONLINE APPLICATION FORM for the Introductory webinar


November 5th-7th, 2021, 10-hour Workshop

Friday, November 5th, 5-7 pm ET / 9 am-11 am PT USA
Saturday, November 6th, 4-8 pm ET / 8 am-12 pm PT USA
Sunday, November 7th, 4-8 pm ET / 7 am-11 am PT USA



Incorporating your felt experience (kinesthesia) with the relational feel of your experience (kinesthetic resonance) deepens the sense of belonging when working with clients in person and is particularly powerful when working with clients online. Kinesthetic Resonance, a foundational principle of DSP™, is essentially made up of the subtle shifting movements always present in each of us and between each of us. Recognizing that we’re in relationship to other bodies while online returns us to our shared humanity.

As part of Jennifer’s 35+ years of experience working in person, she has also worked online with clients for the last 6 years. Since the start of COVID lockdowns in March 2020, she works and teaches entirely online. From this experience, Jennifer has developed ways of incorporating the felt experience of contact into working online — individually and in groups.

Through relational movement experiments, discussion, clinical application, and demonstration, participants learn how to attend to, and experiment with, subtle shifts in gesture, tone, tempo, and form for themselves and their clients. Applying kinesthetic resonance within psychotherapy is especially valuable in fostering deep and lasting change, sustaining the therapist as well as the client in these times when so many people feel disoriented and alone.

Workshop will be held in English with no translation.



Participants completing this workshop will be able to:

  • Describe the basic concepts of Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy™ (DSP) including Kinesthetic Resonance.
  • State the role of Kinesthetic Resonance in dialogue and contacting.
  • Identify how kinesthesia develops and how it can assist both the practitioner and the client within the clinical model, especially when working online.
  • Develop greater awareness of bodily experience within the online clinical model. This is a prerequisite for the practice of somatically-based therapy and an approach to tracking the evolving relationship between therapist and client.


ONLINE APPLICATION FORM for the Three-day workshop



Jennifer Bury BFA, CMTCertified Trainer/Supervisor in DSP™, is a movement therapist in private practice for 35+ years. Based in San Francisco, Jennifer teaches in-person workshops throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Since 2015, she has also been working online—with individuals and groups—using techniques she developed for conveying the felt experience of contact into working online.  Jennifer is a certified trainer and supervisor in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy™, and assisted founder Ruella Frank Ph.D, teaching her training programs worldwide. Jennifer teaches at universities/institutes, medical facilities, and leads Gestalt training groups. Besides her Gestalt training, Jennifer’s background includes studies in pre-med, neurology, kinesiology, various forms of dance and numerous somatic methods. Jennifer blends knowledge, humor, and humility in her work with all ages, races, and abilities—from guiding people through their dying process to helping infants orient to the world.

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REGISTRATION FEE for three-day workshop: 200,00 eur



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You can register for the Introductory webinar with the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. The presentation is FREE OF CHARGE and is not a condition for further participation in the three-day workshop. Applications are accepted until the places are filled and no later than October 28, 2021.

You can apply for the Three-day workshop with the following ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. We are accepting applications until the places are filled. The maximum number of participants is 26. The application is completed by paying the registration fee.

After the training, you will receive a Certificate of attendance.

Please send the confirmation of payment along with the application to the

In case of insufficient number of participants, the training will be either cancelled or postponed to another date.

Further instructions how to participate will be sent to your e-mail before the training and after confirmed application.



In case of cancellation at least five days before, you will get a full refund. Instead of a refund you can choose to attend other events withing the SKZP organization. For later cancellations the fee is not refundable.



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ONLINE APPLICATION FORM for the Introductory webinar
ONLINE APPLICATION FORM for the Three-day workshop


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