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Compassionate Presence

14. in 15. marec 2020



Healing from the Source

19. in 20. september 2020


ki ju bo vodil izkušen budistični učitelj in psihoterapevt




Kje:                 CORP, Trg MDB 5, Ljubljana (t.j. nasproti nekdanjega kina Vič)

Cena:             200 € vsaka delavnica

Delavnici sta namenjeni psihoterapevtom in vsem tistim, ki imajo v svojem poklicu stalen stik z ljudmi, še posebej z ljudmi potrebnimi pomoči. Del delavnic poteka v obliki vodenih meditacij, zato je dobrodošlo predhodno izkustveno poznavanje meditacije.

Delavnici bosta potekali v angleškem jeziku.


Compassionate Presence (Sočutna prisotnost)

(14. marec 2020 od 10h – 17h30, 15. marec 2020 od 10h – 16h30)

Perhaps the greatest gift we can offer another when they are in pain or distress is compassionate presence. We often think we need to do something to help or make things better and yet that tendency can itself interfere with a healing process. Can we allow someone the space to be as they are with their suffering and hold them with compassion and acceptance. This weekend we will explore the cultivation of compassionate presence in relationship to our own inner emotional life and also in how we respond to others. Meditation practices will be introduced that help the cultivation of what in Buddhism are known as the 4 brahma-viharas:  Love, compassion, equanimity and joy.


Healing from the Source (Zdravljenje, ki prihaja iz izvira)

(19. september 2020 od 10h – 17h30, 20. september 2020 od 10h – 16h30)

In transpersonal psychology we recognise that within each of us is the potential for wholeness as an expression of what Jung called the Self. When we are aligned with the Self, we connect to a Source of natural wisdom and vitality that will inform all that we do. In the therapeutic process an alignment with the Source enables us to hold a healing space for others that can be profound. We are holding an awareness of their intrinsic health. In this weekend we will begin to explore meditation that bring us into relationship to the Source and what it can bring to our capacity to be with others and open to the presence of the transpersonal in our nature.


Rob Preece

Rob Preece, the author of The Wisdom of imperfection, The psychology of Buddhist Tantra and Feeling Wisdom has been a practicing Tibetan Buddhist since 1973. He spent 5 years in intensive retreat in the Himalaya under the guidance of eminent teachers including Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche. He has worked as a psychotherapist since 1987 and today focuses on spiritual mentoring. He leads meditation retreats integrating Buddhism and Western psychology in Europe and the US. He is an experienced meditation teacher and tangkha painter (Buddhist icons) and a keen gardener. He lives in the UK with his wife and two young sons.






Inštitut za transpersonalno psihoterapijo
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